Why The Future Of Payments Is Modular And Cloud-based

From scaling computing power to onboarding innovation strategically, our latest whitepaper shows you how to be ‘agile’ in an age of rapid digital transformation

Your customers have spoken: they want their financial solutions to be agile, convenient and open. But that doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on security. API-led services offer a number of benefits for compliance and efficiency, so you can give your customers what they want while still meeting the highest standards of payments security.

APIs — a critical piece of the component economy — are the key to fintech success. To find out more about the future of payments, download Why the future of payments is modular and cloud-based: how to access these new, agile services


  • The sky’s the limit: increase your flexibility by using the cloud
  • Know your customers: how the cloud can aid businesses with regulation and obligations such as KYC and PSD2
  • Take steps towards agile innovation: the advances you can make by using APIs

Key findings

89% of companies said that cloud-based tools made scaling their business easier

73%  of the Jury survey respondents felt APIs would play a significant role over the next three years.

43% of firms Currencycloud surveyed are planning on using cloud-based solutions in the next year