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Our Culture

At Currencycloud, we’re a smart and curious bunch. We share a commitment to challenging the status quo and creating bold solutions that transform the financial services industry. Ours is a story of growth — both for our clients and for ourselves.

If agile, fast-paced and dynamic are what you are looking for, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re a remote-first company so that means that primarily we’re all permanently working from home. We still have hub offices in New York, Amsterdam, Singapore, Cardiff, and London — but these are for collaboration and relationship building, not siloed working. You can read more about our approach to remote working here.

Our Values

At Currencycloud, our values aren’t statements carved into marble for the world to see – they are the core of who we are and everyone embodies all three values to help them as individuals and to accelerate the growth of our business. The values are the foundation our brand and culture have been built on.

Be Human

We treat others the way we want to be treated. We embrace diversity and a little bit of quirkiness – we love the bold and the brave. We listen, support others, and say thank you. We are the same person at home as we are at work.

Own It

We hold ourselves, and each other, accountable for the decisions we make and the actions we must take. We own the results and outcomes of our decisions, and learn fast from failure and success.

Better Together

We work as a team, unleashing our collective creativity and intelligence. We work collaboratively with each other, our clients, our partners and suppliers, to ensure we are pulling in the same direction.

Diversity and Inclusion

No one should be excluded because of race, age or gender. We are committed to promoting a culture of diversity, belonging and equality in every area of our company.

We believe in social justice;
We believe in economic justice;
We believe in equality.

Everyone has the right to feel respected at work. It’s why we are united together as one against racism, bigotry and discrimination in all its forms. We live by our values.

In Our Own Words

What’s it like to work at Currencycloud? Our employees share their experiences.

I saw an opportunity to join an exciting start-up that was harnessing new technologies to solve complex financial challenges, whilst improving the lives of people around the world. I love the pace and constant changes that face both the business and the wider FinTech ecosystem. I get to work with multiple teams on various initiatives and challenges and this variety in my role keeps me on my toes. It’s a big part of why I love working at Currencycloud!

Jody Aldridge Growth Director

I had been in the media field as a Mac engineer for years, but it’s different supporting developers using Macs than designers. It’s a new industry for me and a chance to enhance my knowledge. I got a great vibe from the hiring process and joining felt right and that I was in a place with people I’ll enjoy working with. I get the chance to see through ideas for process improvements and I’m involved in the hiring process as the team grows, which is something new for me. There’s opportunity at Currencycloud, things move and grow very fast around here and I joined just as things took off.

Andrea Vail Senior End User Support Engineer

On a day-to-day basis I get to work with the world’s most forward-thinking Fintechs and craft a solution that will allow them to change the world for the better! The company, team and culture have been incredible, particularly throughout the pandemic. We’re consistently challenged and encouraged to go out and find the next big thing in fintech and that is a huge motivator.

James Teodorini Senior Sales Consultant

Currencycloud is a place where your career is what you make it. One of the most exciting parts of working here is the ability to drive change through your work. You can contribute new ideas, offerings and have the full support from the rest of the business, having this ability really makes a difference and every day exciting!

Rachel Wardley FX and Liquidity Risk Manager

When I joined, I immediately felt good about the people. Being a remote first company, I appreciate all the efforts deployed to maintain our culture. Currencycloud is a place where you can build your career if you never sit still. It’s exciting to work in a fast-paced environment for a company that leads the cross-border payments industry.

Séverine Delfosse Strategy Analyst

Currencycloud offers the chance to work alongside a collective of people who are passionate about what they do as an individual and what we do as a business. Every day is different, giving me variety in my role and keeping me engaged. Currencycloud allows employees to use the full range of their skill sets, helping us to grow and become the best at what we do. I’m excited to see what’s in store for the years to come, for both personal growth and the wider company.

Elliott Pughsley Auditor

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