December 9, 2020

Currencycloud welcomes ‘remote-first’ working with £1.5m investment

  • Policy makes remote working default mode of work after a pandemic
  • Employees and teams free to use offices as much or as little as they like
  • £1.5 million to be spent on staff support and redesigned office facilities to allow totally flexible working arrangements

Currencycloud, the leading embedded cross-border solutions platform, today announced plans to invest £1.5 million on measures to embrace remote-first working across its business as it envisages life after the pandemic.

The policy marks a mindset shift, with remote work being assumed as the default going forward.  Offices in prime locations such as London, New York, and Amsterdam will remain part of the footprint, however plan to be refurbished and optimized for relationship building and collaboration as opposed to siloed open-plan working.  They will also be used at employees’ discretion, with no set quota of when employees are required to be in the office.

The company is spending almost half of the £1.5 million funding on the London and Cardiff offices to bring ‘collaboration to life’, replacing old desks with team-based workspaces and collaboration pods.

Support will continue to be provided to employees to enhance their homeworking experience. This includes a £500 stipend for all employees to go towards home-office equipment, shifting training online to platforms that support remote workforces such as LinkedIn Learning, and adopting Bonusly, an online peer recognition programme that is optimized for remote workforces and will make it easier for cross-team visibility.  Currencycloud has also taken the unique initiative of offering all employees one day per month in addition to existing holiday entitlement to focus on mental health and wellbeing and switch off from work.

The company is already seeing the results, with its employee net promoter score – a benchmark for employee satisfaction – doubling since the start of the pandemic.

Mike Laven, CEO, Currencycloud, commented:

“We accepted immediately the shift to remote was a long-term change. Rather than resisting, we chose to embrace the opportunities we saw. While our focus has always been on employee safety and wellbeing first, we’ve found we’ve also been able to preserve the unique Currencycloud culture we value and maintain and even increase our productivity servicing clients in a remote environment.”

Barbera de Jong-Elder, Chief People Officer, commented: 

“For too long flexible working is just something that’s been paid lip service. We’re not just throwing our weight behind this approach in terms of policy but using this moment as an opportunity to reimagine the workplace, embracing the feedback from our people.”

“Open-plan offices are an unhappy medium that neither best serves collaboration or focused solo work. Our saying is you shouldn’t have to commute to compute, saving intense work for home and teamwork and group ideation for the office.”


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