Case Study March 14, 2018

Helping Lunar to send money internationally with speed and simplicity

Established in August 2015, Lunar is a banking app that’s aiming to modernize the Danish banking sector, partnering with a bank to offer innovative products to users. Today, it provides accounts, VISA debit cards, overdraft facilities and MFX Mastercards, all based on a Spotify-like subscription model. Thereby offering consumers a modern, seamless application that removes the traditional burdens of high street banking.

During the integration Currencycloud were and is easy to work with, and the implementation of their APIs was a painless process. The entrepreneurial spirit of Currencycloud, their focus on the customer and their determination to be the technological frontrunner not only helped us expand the company but also makes us extremely excited for the future.

Sebastian Sommer Akselsen Business Development Manager, Lunar


From the outset, Lunar set itself the goal of moving beyond typically archaic banking processes. Doing so by creating an accessible application for a generation that’s come to maturity in the age of Netflix and Snapchat.

To make this truly 21st century ambition a reality, Lunar had to team up with local banks around the world, who would be willing to help them get to market quickly and focus on innovating the customer experience of banking.

However, this resulted in a struggle to offer competitively-priced services that were on par with other Fintech alternatives. It was quickly evident that Lunar needed a partner that shared its vision for an easier and more transparent banking solution, and who would provide the app developers with more autonomy over their services.

This is when Currencycloud came in.


Lunar has realized numerous immediate improvements, thanks to Currencycloud’s simple and intuitive platform. These include significant increases in sales and revenue gains, and substantial time savings. Moreover, Currencycloud has facilitated Lunar’s first steps towards its ambitious future goals, as its API offers scope for future innovation. Lunar Way is now expecting to deliver savings on all products, and recently launched an international Travel Card in an effort to target expansion beyond Denmark’s shores.

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