April 21, 2015

Currencycloud Launches in the US

NEW YORK – April 21, 2015 – Currencycloud, which provides international payments to businesses via an API, has expanded to the US, opening offices in New York.

“Businesses find making international payments slow and costly. While we live in a digital age, it’s surprising that it costs more to send money from the US to Europe via a bank than it does to send a letter. It’s antiquated!” said Mike Laven, CEO, Currencycloud. “Businesses desperately need functionality to enable them to compete around the world. Automation of payments and access to corporate grade payment methods is becoming more and more important in an increasingly digitized global economy.”

Currencycloud’s innovative Payment Engine powers over 100 FinTech firms, enabling them to fully automate and manage all aspects of their international payments via cutting edge APIs. It currently works with companies including XE.com, WorldRemit and Payoneer.

The company has seen incredible success in Europe, where customers have already processed $10 billion of international payments. Currencycloud’s rapid growth led it to make payments to 170 countries and serve over 150,000 end customers, last year alone.

About Currencycloud:

Launched in London, Currencycloud is driving the transformation of the payments landscape to make international business and new markets accessible to everyone. With it’s developer friendly Payment Engine, businesses can build and automate their products, benefiting from real time wholesale rates and a fast, secure payment network. Everything is delivered by its next generation API.

For more information about the company, please visit: www.currencycloud.com.

Press Contact:

Cara Morgan
Hotwire Public Relations
(646) 790-4749
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