March 12, 2013

Currencycloud partners with Intuit, Tradeshift to help small businesses

Currencycloud partners with US firms Intuit and Tradeshift to deliver next gen solution for small business

Currencycloud, Duedil (another London startup), Tradeshift and Intuit announced they were joining forces to deliver a new online ‘ecosystem’ for business at a packed analyst day in New York on Tuesday 5th March.

Christian Lanng, CEO of Tradeshift, summarised the partnership as, ”building a platform for all business interactions.” Eric Dunn, SVP at Intuit, said that the firms had, “a compatible vision to simplify business and bring the world closer together.”

The platform seeks to improve and enable relationships between buyers and suppliers both within domestic and cross-border markets. Lanng framed the opportunity; “there are thirty million companies in the US with less than a million currently enabled by the biggest network.”

Mike Laven, CEO of Currencycloud, expanded, “the tools available, particularly for small businesses, lack cohesion. We want to bridge services that businesses need to save them time and money while improving their trading relationships.”

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