October 20, 2014

Delivering Currencycloud’s Connect API 2.0: Built by Developers, for Developers

We’ve been working hard to add new features to our core product, the most exciting of which is Cash Manager. It’s quite a shift in the way we think about payments and conversions in the office and as such API v1 didn’t feel like the right way to deliver this feature. So we’ve taken some time over the past few months to produce a new version of the API which we are proud to release this week.

Our Connect API 2.0 was built by developers, for developers. And we have been dogfooding the API to make sure that it really is as straightforward to use as we had hoped. Here’s what you can expect:

Ease of Use

The API closely matches the workflow steps that need to be taken to use our services and we have put together clear documentation to help developers understand each API call. You can find this documentation in our new Developer Center. For existing customers it is easy to upgrade by following the migration guide

More Transparency

This API will give you access to Cash Manager offering which we announced in February at Finovate (see the write up in The Next Web) now allowing customers to view and manage balances and transaction history in multiple currencies in real-time

More Security

At your request we can restrict access for your API key by IP address. This ensures that requests come from a known range and prevents anyone from making payments from your balance outside of your systems

Clean Compliance

We’ve done a lot of work (a LOT!) to ensure that the compliance regulations for the payer and beneficiary details of a payment are easy to understand and easy to supply. Compliance is a constantly changing landscape but we’re confident that we’ve reached the right balance between regulation and ease of use


While it’s not a direct relation to the API, it’s also exciting for us to talk about speed. We’ve been growing at a fantastic rate and we’ve been making some changes to ensure that our system will cope with all of these payments. We’ve thrown a lot of hardware into the mix and now we are focusing on making sure our software makes the best use of those servers

Alongside the upgraded Connect API 2.0, we have launched our new interactive Developer Centre. There is a neat feature where you can try the API in a sandbox against our demo environment to see real time responses to your requests. You’ll need to have a demo API key set up to use it. We’ve also created a migration guide, that is coming soon, for our existing customers to make the upgrade path easy. Along with that you’ll find all of our documentation there with clear examples, specific required and optional field details along with error codes information.

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