September 2, 2021

Intergiro expands its finance solutions with Currencycloud to allow customers to operate without borders

Intergiro, the Sweden-based Banking-as-a-Solution (BaaS) provider, has partnered with Currencycloud, the experts simplifying business in a multi-currency world, to integrate Currencycloud Spark into its portfolio of API solutions. The integration will enable Intergiro to provide their end-users with multi-currency accounts capable of holding as many as 35 currencies, a wide range of local and international payment options and dynamic currency conversion. 

Intergiro’s BaaS offering previously focused on Euro-based solutions within the EU. End-users were unable to access SWIFT payments and foreign exchange (FX) capabilities were limited. With the addition of Currencycloud Spark, Intergiro’s customers can embed payment solutions which are not restricted by borders and which enable end-users to trade like locals via the wide selection of local payouts, all supported by fast, affordable currency exchange.

The business-shaped banking solutions from Intergiro deliver the ability to onboard customers including all KYC requirements, issue virtual and physical cards on behalf of end-users, and now to open and manage multi-currency e-wallets, all via API.

Nick Root, Chief Executive Officer of Intergiro, commented: “We have ambitious growth plans for 2021 and our partnership with Currencycloud will allow us to deliver on promises made to existing customers, as well as target new audiences, as this functionality provides differentiation for us in the market.”

Nick Cheetham, Chief Revenue Officer at Currencycloud, commented: “The multi-currency features of Currencycloud Spark, as well as pay-outs and collections using a number of rails, and FX capabilities will add depth to Intergiro’s BaaS solutions, and supports their growth plans for 2021.”

Currencycloud Spark is available to Intergiro customers now.



About Intergiro

Intergiro is business shaped banking. In 2019, Intergiro launched an online business account for the 2.5 million new companies born every year in the EU. Now with cards, multi-currency accounts and a full suite of banking-as-a-service APIs, Intergiro provides a truly flexible and tailored financial solution to help European businesses build, adapt and thrive in the digital age. 


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Francis Mercer, Marketing & Communications Lead


About Currencycloud

Banks, Fintechs and businesses everywhere can make bigger, better, bolder leaps with Currencycloud.

Currencycloud gives them the capability to move money across borders, and transact globally in multiple currencies, fast. They make it easy for clients to embrace digital wallets, and even to embed finance into the core of their business – no matter what industry they’re in.

Clients can simply plug in, and they’re off – knowing that Currencycloud has taken on all the complexity of multi-currency cross-border business on their behalf.

A unique combination of expertise and industry-leading technology has allowed Currencycloud to help clients to innovate faster, to go further, to go first. Since its launch in 2012, the platform has enabled super-stratospheric start-ups and global leaders including Klarna, Revolut, Starling, and Visa to move more than $75bn to over 180 countries. 

Based in London with offices across Europe, North America and Asia, Currencycloud works with partners including Visa, Dwolla, and Mambu. They are regulated in the UK, the US, Canada and the EU.

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