August 12, 2021

Lucinity and Currencycloud lock arms to Make Money Good

Lucinity’s Actor Intelligence solution will help Currencycloud better understand customer behavior for a risk-based compliance program.

Currencycloud, the experts simplifying business in a multi-currency world, has contracted Lucinity to provide its Actor Intelligence solution as its latest compliance innovation, adding to their compliance solutions by helping to identify issues around money laundering.

Actor Intelligence allows compliance professionals to monitor customer behavior efficiently and better understand various risk parameters for all customers. Further to that, continuous risk scoring will substantially increase productivity and coverage in fighting financial crime. But even while moving at lightning speed, Currencycloud stays at the forefront of compliance through innovation, thought leadership, and technology.

Tanya Ziv, Chief Compliance Officer at Currencycloud, commented : “Lucinity has built a brilliant solution that will support us as leaders in compliance. The compliance world has moved on from thinking customer intelligence is the initial information gathered from a customer. Lucinity will help us on our journey towards basing intelligence on customer behaviors. Understanding how they are using our platform – and perhaps more importantly – why they behave in the way they do.”

Lucinity builds its technology around the vision of Human AI, using the best from human and artificial intelligence. Lucinity’s founder GK is enthusiastic about building towards that vision with Currencycloud : “It is testament to the hard work we have done here at Lucinity to acquire a customer like Currencycloud. I am convinced that the intersection between man and machine is the most exciting field in compliance today. Translating complex intelligence into information that is valuable and useable will bring immense productivity gains to various compliance fields, and that is where we excel.”



About Currencycloud

Banks, Fintechs and businesses everywhere can make bigger, better, bolder leaps with Currencycloud. Currencycloud gives businesses the capability to move money across borders, and transact globally in multiple currencies, fast. Experts at what they do, their technology makes it easy for clients to embrace digital wallets, and to embed finance into the core of their business – no matter what industry they’re in. Since 2012, Currencycloud has processed more than $100bn to over 180 countries, working with banks, financial institutions and Fintechs around the world, including Starling Bank, Revolut, Penta and Lunar. Based in London with offices in New York, Amsterdam, Cardiff, and Singapore, Currencycloud works with partners including Visa, Dwolla, GPS and Mambu to deliver simple, clear cross-border infrastructure solutions for clients. They are regulated in the UK, Canada, US and the EU.


About Lucinity

Lucinity is on a mission to Make Money Good through more productive compliance software. Designed by compliance technology experts from both banks and regulators, Lucinity has reframed the solution design thinking of the modern AML technology platform for financial services. Through the collective power of humans and machines, Lucinity is able to deliver deeper intelligence in an intuative UI, dramatically reducing false positives and false negatives, helping supercharge collaboration across compliance teams. This innovation is helping their clients realise up to50% improvement in productivity and the modular nature of their solution design means implementation is quick and complimentary to existing investments, bridging the gap of legacy tools and removing silos. Lucinity’s current customers range from leading Tier-1 banks to exciting Fintechs who are shaping the future of financial services


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