Podcast November 24, 2021

Empowering Shareholders To Take Their Place in the Boardroom

If you ask your friends who own stocks in Amazon or Apple, odds are they’ve never voted on a shareholder proposal.

But when the very definition of a shareholder means to have a say in the way a business is run, it’s time to recognize the disconnect between stockholder and company and make your voice heard.

We’re speaking with Antoine Argouges, Founder at Tulipshare, about shareholder activism, choosing impactful campaigns, and his future plans for the company.

On this episode of Payments Innovation, we’ll dive into:

  • How to become a shareholder activist
  • The process behind how Tulipshare chooses their campaigns
  • Enthusiastic community response to Tulipshare’s activism
  • What 2022 holds for Antoine and Tulipshare

It’s time to empower yourself as a shareholder and stop letting huge corporations make all the decisions for the entire world.

“In all my career and my product building, it’s really about changing people’s lives.” — Antoine Argouges

Driving change

Antoine has always been a visionary builder.

With a Master’s from the illustrious University of Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne and over a decade of extraordinary experience as a Head of Revenue, co-founder, and CEO, he’s ready to disrupt traditional shareholder thinking.

Tulipshare leverages a simple idea to promote corporate change: money talks.

Most armchair investors never attend a shareholders’ meeting, and might not know the company they’ve bought stock in has some unethical practices or discriminatory policies.

The very foundation of being a shareholder means having a vote in how the business operates, via the investment of your funds.
Why not make your money work for sustainability, human rights, and fair labor laws?

“Being a shareholder ultimately means having a say in the way a business is run.”— Antoine Argouges

Power to the people

When united in a common goal, the voice of the people is a powerful lever.

Antoine is helping ordinary, small-scale investors aggregate their influence to force corporations towards positive change.

How does Tulipshare select which campaigns will have the biggest impact? How do you convince distracted millennials and Gen Z to get their feet in the door?

The best way is through value-driven investments that will organically create a strong community of like-minded investors with growing power.

Tulipshare is doing something completely new that they hope will inspire a massive mindset shift about what it really means to be a shareholder. Diversify your options while driving impact.

“Most people don’t know that you can drive change by passing on a shareholder proposal and putting an item on a company agenda.” — Antoine Argouges

Educate and deconstruct

The company Antoine founded is seeing an incredible community response.

It’s new, it’s accessible, and it’s challenging the opacity of traditional boardroom operations and deconstructing the status quo.

Tulipshare is turning the corporate governance playbook on its head by forming a consortium of ordinary citizens who own enough shares to submit stockholder proposals — proposals that demand positive change and the eradication of outdated, terrible practices.

Antoine is also working with nonprofit organizations and embracing a full spectrum of activism. As a resident of the UK, he’s devoted to improving workers’ rights, stopping plastic polluters, and preserving the breathtaking natural English environments.

“We’re saying to them, ‘we’re buying a piece of your company to support the change.’” — Antoine Argouges


His future global roadmap

Tulipshare’s vibrant founder is more than ready to unify shareholders globally. However, Fintech in general faces an array of challenges in the worldwide regulatory environment.

In Antoine’s specific case, it’s also a matter of credibility. As a fledgling investment platform, he’s planning on launching an earth-shaking campaign that will organically build trust and that crucial word-of-mouth.

If you’d like to learn more, visit Tulipshare and start making behemoth corporations pay attention to your voice.

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