Podcast September 8, 2021

Introducing Payments Innovation’s newest host: James Teodorini

Paytech is one of the most important emerging sectors in Fintech, yet for many, it’s a mystery.

Not so for James Teodorini , Senior Paytech Consultant at Currencycloud , today’s guest and our newest host on payments innovation. He joins the show to demystify Paytech.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • James’ background
  • The definition of Paytech
  • The guests James will feature in upcoming episodes

Who is James Teodorini?

James has always held a commercial focus, beginning his career in real estate. After running a few startups and realizing that selling to NPOs is not easy nor very profitable, he became the technology lead for Cancer Research UK.

James discovered his passion for Fintech during his time at a US company called Button, where he ran the commercial team and sold it to Fintechs. He flexed his entrepreneurial muscles and started up Demo Reality, an augmented reality business, which continues to run successfully.

Today James is the champion of the Paytech niche here at Currencycloud.

The definition of Paytech

“Paytech is defined as companies that are really embedding finance at their core, but they might not be necessarily finance companies at their core.”— James Teodorini

The growth within this niche has been exponential in recent years. Paytech companies are enabling cross-border transactions, outsourced payroll, and remote work enablement.

You might be surprised that Fintech companies don’t always start out being well-versed in payments.

The guests James will feature in upcoming episodes

Some of the guests that James will be speaking with overtime include leaders from companies experiencing extraordinary growth.

The Paytech space is brimming with highly innovative and energized teams, working on groundbreaking things. One example is the Edtech, Blackbullion, which assists students with accessing grants.

“I have the most fun job in Currencycloud because it means dealing with the people that don’t really necessarily fit anywhere else.”— James Teodorini 

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