Podcast September 14, 2021

How Fintech helps you invest smarter

Sometimes, you can get lucky with a few bets on the stock market but, usually, you need some advice if you really want to succeed with your investments.

Yet, most advisors fail to deliver real value — so where do you turn?

Fintech, of course…

Like the revolutionary investing technology today’s guests, , Managing Partner, and Louis Ortiz, Head of Growth, are delivering at Xantos Labs.

Are average people not destined for investment success?

Chuk draws from his own life experience. An immigrant without financial literacy, building it up as he went along, he knew deep down that his team could provide a more contextualized investment experience for people sharing his challenge.

Most people climbing up from little to nothing are happy with good enough. They’re happy with ‘average’. It’s a safe zone to play in, right?

“You can’t really expect to get ahead investing by being average. You need someone to deliver better performance for you than the average market.”— Chuk Orakwue

The challenge with being an average person is that you cut yourself off from opportunities out there. You either think your capital’s too low or you don’t fit in because you don’t understand half of your hedge fund’s long-winded investment documentation.

This is exactly what Chuk and Louis are confronting through Fintech like Xantos. They’re tuning our subpar investment engines for the wins that change our average lives into something extraordinary.

What lies beyond the ‘average’ investment journey?

Like Chuk says, you can’t fix your own tooth as a Dentist. Trading on your own? Cool. Learning as you go? Sweet! But you won’t know how to turbocharge your system.

Louis calls it like it is: one or two good decisions don’t make you an expert on investment systems. Risk is an entire field of study on its own, not to mention modeling, trend analysis, and managing stop losses.

To go beyond average it must first be understood that the very definition of average performance changes with the market. Segmentation is the key to going beyond ‘more of the same, where you can drive conversations, performance, and results that really matter to your customers.

How do you unlock investment performance that goes beyond average?

It’s not an overnight success opportunity so that’s one of the first principles you need to accept. A partner like Xantos Labs knows which levers to pull to deliver what you’re looking for:

  • What should you invest in?
  • How much should you invest?
  • When should you be aggressive/conservative?

Why Xantos Labs is the one to watch…

Xantos Labs deploys a fundamental analysis approach. It means that macro trends (clean energy over fossil fuels, upcycling over landfills, etc.) form the basis of identifying companies worth a long-term investment.

Chuk calls them high conviction picks, for which the Xantos Labs algorithm will recommend a suitable investment amount per client. The algorithm seeks to minimize the downside risk, thereby acting as a stop loss by recommending how to split your capital across different options.

The third variable in the equation is the aggression setting. Market cycles are influenced by more variables than we realize. Without that seasoned knowledge of when to invest or when the red flags recommend exiting the race for a short while, it’s nearly impossible to navigate recessions without being burned.

The Xantos way

There is no BS here. What you access as a customer is a tried and tested product and experience. There’s no attempt to turn you into their laboratory specimen and run experimental models with your money.

Xantos Labs tested their own money and generated results, which is where their confidence to serve people originates.

“People pay you to manage their money, not to bug them and be in their face every day.”— Chuk Orakwue

What’s considered average today is built upon the standards of every day before this one. Think about how world records are constantly broken every few years. We think the current record-holder is the best, then one day someone better comes along and changes the standard for everyone else doing that particular thing. The same goes for Fintech, and Xantos Labs is a trailblazer that deserves our attention.

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