Podcast October 13, 2021

The Future of Frictionless Financial Connectivity

You get a text message letting you know a bill is due. You open your payment app, scroll through, and pay the bill. If you have any problems, you’ll need to switch apps, call customer support, and maybe, eventually, speak to a human.

What if all those steps could’ve been handled through the initial text message?

Today’s guest is helping make that connectivity a reality. Will Graylin, CEO at OV Loop, delves into his illustrious history in digital commerce and what’s driving his enthusiasm to take messaging connectivity to the next level.

In this episode, we’ll get busy:

  • Diving into the payment industry
  • Understanding the connectivity ecosystem
  • Exploring the super wallet concept

Before that though, let’s take a quick look at this modern-day DaVinci’s astounding personal journey.

“I’ve been a payment geek for about two decades now”

After earning two bachelor’s degrees from the University of Washington in computer science and Chinese linguistics, Will served for six years as a widely admired U.S. nuclear submarine officer.

In 2000, he received two Master’s degrees from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology and proceeded to take the then-nascent online payment industry by storm.

Will has founded six companies since leaving MIT, each more staggeringly successful than the last.

Dreaming of an effortless yet hack-proof digital wallet, he was there in the earliest days of ecommerce. Now, he’s motivated to create solutions that reduce friction and mercilessly eliminate fraud.

“We’re looking at multiple ways to allow a consumer to put their payment credentials in one place that is secure.”— Will Graylin

Current complexities

Today’s online payment industry is a multichannel, interconnected behemoth. The relationship between payment processors, merchants, and customers is even more complicated by the fact that right now the U.S. is lagging behind in adopting the latest ecommerce advancements.

In Asia, businesses are rapidly embracing the omnichannel approach — a next-gen one-stop shop for messaging, Fintech, and digital identity documents.

The American market is eager to snatch up this time-saving tech, and there’s plenty of room for growth.

Will’s OV Loop is providing both brands and consumers a safe and seamless online commerce experience across all channels. Their popular app serves as a secure vault for personal credentials to streamline shopping, travel booking, and bill paying.

OV Concierge™ is an incredibly innovative platform for companies that enables a faster, exceptionally comprehensive customer experience via invoicing, chat, tap and pay, and more.

“Now what we see is you need a multi-channel connected commerce solution ; and you need super wallets.”— Will Graylin

Welcome to the ecosystem

Frictionless, butter-smooth transactions are what everyone craves. A paradigm shift has occurred and the less hassle something is, the more it’s appreciated.

You’ve got your smartphone chick full of banking, shopping, and airline apps, and maybe even a password aggregator or two-factor authorization enabler. But are they making your life easier or is it just a whole lot of extraneous steps?

Will has integrated billing, support, and payment into one “patented, multi-channel, multi-mode super messaging platform” that brings everything together regardless of device.

Real-time payments. Flawless customer service. A secure, connected commerce environment.

“We decided that we were going to create a true digital crypto container for the individuals to empower that individual.”— Will Graylin

Meet your super wallet

Competing merchants don’t want to willingly share data.

So Will asked, “how do you have a federated, universal, Superman surging platform and super wallet that truly empowers the brands and the business to work with their existing customer base, regardless of whether their customers have iOS or Android?”

That’s exactly what his vision is creating.

OV Loop supports consumers with an infinite variety of payment methods and cutting-edge security and gives merchants the tools they need to leverage this flexibility into higher revenue.

Each wallet is individually encrypted using the latest blockchain technology. Add biometrics and mnemonic phrases and you’ve got an account so secure even the admins can’t touch it.

Host card emulation for tap and pay. NFC with tokenized credentials. Magnetic secure transmissions. One-time use card numbers. These are just a few of the revolutionary technologies that Will is synergizing for the American market.

Massively exciting times are afoot.

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